Strasbourg Mon Amour is an annual event that celebrates love and romance. The city of Strasbourg is known for its historical charm and architectural beauty, and this event highlights these aspects while offering visitors many fun and romantic activities.

Activities include boat rides on the city’s canals, romantic dinners, guided tours of the old city and wine tastings in Strasbourg’s cellars. There are also outdoor concerts, art exhibitions and romantic film screenings.

The Strasbourg Mon Amour event attracts thousands of visitors each year, and has become one of the most popular events in the city. This year’s event takes place from February 10 to 19, offering lovers an opportunity to celebrate their love in one of the most beautiful cities in France.

Strasbourg is a beautiful city, with many historic buildings and a charming picturesque neighborhood. It is also an important cultural place, with many museums, theaters and operas. It is an ideal place for culture and history lovers, as well as for lovers.

All in all, the Strasbourg Mon Amour event is a must for lovers of all ages. It offers a unique opportunity to celebrate love in one of France’s most beautiful cities, with a variety of romantic and fun activities for all tastes.

At Le Régent Petite France during the entire event, we offer an initiation to back sculpting in duo. You will discover the art of being massaged and massaging each other.

Guided by a practitioner for 50 minutes, you will learn the right gestures, the right finger pressure and the fluidity of the movements.

You will be able to renew this moment of complicity at home thanks to the Kos Modeling Oil offered as well as the treatment protocol.

More information and reservation (mandatory) at 03 88 76 43 43 or

Price :

100 € (50 mn initiation to back modeling + oil offered)
149 € (50 mn initiation to back modeling + free oil + 1h access to the spa – 2 glasses of champagne in addition for 15 € / glass)


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